Providing you with business finance, strategy, analytics, and compliance expertise without the overhead associated with hiring a full-time senior level manager.

Offer reporting, analysis, or
an all-encompassing service package offerings. Supporting your needs and requirements.

Providing a holistic approach to the infrastructure of a business through finance, strategy, and analytics support.

15 years of expertise and knowledge in bookkeeping, controller services.

Offering flexible hours, part-time basis with expert support.

Robyn Smith

Robyn Smith

Founder of Results & Solutions

With over 15 years in the accounting & finance industry, Robyn naturally built strong trusting relationships with her clients.

She wants to help entrepreneurs and CEOs understand their business through the numbers so that they can make educated decisions to build their business and achieve success.

It is important to Robyn that Results & Solutions offers affordable solutions for small businesses and to develop long-lasting relationships.

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